Welcome to  Neurotel Internet WEB TV website, an Internet company that has developed a TV SET TOP BOX with the result that your TV set become Super Intelligent with access to all local TV channels (1000+), all movies Internet servers worldwide (1,000,000 films) , the Cloud, all Google applications and computer section which can replace your PC or tablet .

Your TV is now your source of information, entertainment , work, access to the world in 12 different languages ​​.



TV SET TOP BOX with access to 1000+ local  stations, Video On Demand, Games, Google Play, Email, Internet, Cloud and many more applications. BUY NOW for  $199 usd. You also need your monthly subscription at $30 usd.  


+ CONTENT (Canada only)


Unlimited Internet with Unlimited content and Smart TV applications, this is the REAL WEB TV - REAL IP TV. Requires purchase of  our  TV SET TOP BOX   at   $199 usd installed on our Internet Access.  You also need to subscribe at $ 79.95 cad monthly.



Local and International content with language search engine or section search engine such as; sports, movies, TV shows, games, adults, etc. Available worldwide in 12 languages.


“Every winter I am travelling from Montreal to Fort Lauderdale, Florida and we recently experienced problems with the satellite we were using for 10 years. WEBTV.IO saved my day offering all the local channels I have in Canada and  spcecific sports channels I didn't have...Thanks WEBTV.IO”  Pierre D.

“First of all hands off to you guys for your content. I replaced my cable by your WEBTV.IO IP TV SET TOP BOX and I have more than 1100 channels I can look. My kids also like the gaming section.”  Charles A.

“At first view, looks like a nice TV SET TOP BOX like many others providing Video On Demand, but looking at the content with all the local stations from different country and in multiple languages, I realized that you guys were the first real IP TV or WEB TV on the market. Regards.” Joshua W.

WEBTV.IO is your passport to TV, Movies, TVSeries, Music, Sports, Video games and events anywhere in the world where you have High-speed Internet access. They perfected the way to acquire your local multimedia programs by offering a revolutionary media computer. WEBTV.IO is all this media experience, reinvented.“ Louis R. eng.


Our device is powered by Amlogic S912 chipset that features a octa-core processor and Mali-450 graphics. The SoC is supported by 2 GB of RAM.

The internal storage is 16 GB. On its external storage, users can add up to 64 GB of microSD card. The device comes preinstalled with Android 6.0 Mashmallow OS. By connecting this device, users can use their HDTVs as real PCs.

With the latest Android version onboard, it will allow users to enjoy their favorite apps like Facebook, Dropbox, and more on their HDTV screens. With KODI 17.0 and a TV portal software preinstalled, users will be able to enjoy the latest movies, television shows, music and games.

For connectivity, our TV SET TOP BOX carries features like USB OTG, 1.4 HDMI, AV, Ethernet, 2 USB 2.0 slots, Wi-Fi and v4.0 Bluetooth. With support for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz dual band Wi-Fi, users can wirelessly stream content from other devices like smartphones and PCs.

The device weighs 500 grams and measures 113 x 113 x 2 mm. Our TV box also comes with an infrared remote control and a HDMI cable.


The install process is really simple, follow the instruction provided in the delivry box.

1-. Connect your TV set to the TV SET TOP BOX with the appropriate cables

2- Connect the Internet modem or WI Fi to your new TV SET TOP BOX

3- Take the remote control and select your channel


WEBTV.IO ship the TV SET TOP BOX all over the world for a flat fee of $40 usd. You might have to pay customs fee in extra.


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